Work has been ongoing with designing a new school crest. After going through a lot of different versions, students got to decide on the new School crest.

The winner, and what will be used in the future is … *drumroll*

school crest




























Our Creative Schools committee have been very busy this year with different initiatives.

For World Book Day, we got creative and did art on each classroom door of our favourite books. See a gallery of the doors below



Rap written by 4th class with GMC Beats:

Creative Schools Initiative
As already announced, our school is part of a very lucky group who have received funding from the ARTS Council to
place the Creative Arts front and centre of all things in the CBS! Helen Hallissey, our Creative Associate from the Arts
Council, has visited us many times and works with staff and pupils to form a vision for our creative endeavours.
We hope that pupils will get ample opportunity to be creative and feel free to unleash their wide range of talents in
a positive and safe environment where their contributions are valued and celebrated. The main objective of the
initiative is to encourage adults to let children take more ownership in terms of decision-making and artistic aspects
of curriculum. The whole student body were consulted as to the kinds of activities that they would like to try and/or
As teachers, we hope to incorporate Arts Education more seamlessly into our skill sets and teaching practice, and we
are developing the curriculum and learning resources (in many different areas of the curriculum) that incorporate
drama, music, art, creative writing and crafts.
Pupils are getting the opportunity to embrace aspects of Arts Education that they would not otherwise have access
to. All the workshops have been provided free of charge for our pupils.
Rap Workshop with GMC Beats with 4th class last Monday
Dance Classes: all the boys have taken part in five dance classes to date. Our final, sixth session will take place in
A big thank you to Ms. Flavin and Ms. Ní Dhuinnín who attended a Street Art Workshop last weekend in CIT. Their
expertise will be shared with the older classes in order for the boys to create their own ‘Street Art’ and ‘Graffiti’
around the school. We look forward to seeing how that turns out! We would like to thank Helen, Ms Barry, Ms
Herlihy for the co-ordination of these events but not least the Pupil ‘Creative Committee’ who have worked hard to
make the school an even more creative place to be!