School work at home for Ms. Lane’s Class

January 11th-15th 2021

Charleville CBS Primary

Hello boys,  
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. I know these are very strange and difficult times but hopefully we will be back in our classroom very soon!   Please find the work for this week outlined below. Please try your best with the work.
Remember this is the first week of online learning so we will adapt and make changes next week if needed! There is no pressure to get all activities completed but try to do as much as you can.   We have had lots of practice using websites such as Microsoft 365, khan academy, read theory etc. in school but if you have any issues using these websites, please contact me. You have all the log in/usernames and passwords in your homework journal. Please email me and I can send you them if needed.   Work listed below is from our textbooks, videos/PowerPoints I have made and additional links to websites.
If a written activity from a book you do not have is used (for example Figure It Out 6), it will be emailed to you.   It is very important to check your student email accounts.
I have emailed: Gaeilge: I have made one Powerpoint for the week which includes vocabulary, reading, grammer etc. with audio where I translate/explain the content/activities. Maths: I have emailed a video about fractions which you will need for Monday and Tuesday. A video for ratios will be emailed later in the week. Answers to help with corrections will be emailed Wednesday and Friday. Written activities for Maths and Gaeilge that are not from our school textbooks  
I will organise a whole class online session on Microsoft Teams on Thursday at 10am. We can discuss how the week is going and you can give me feedback on videos/work given. I will email more details later in the week.   As always boys, please try your best. I am so proud of all of you and am looking forward to being back in our classroom soon!  

Please email me on if you have any questions or need any further information.  
Ms. Lane

School work at home for Ms Lane’s Class   Week 11th-15th January 2021  Charleville CBS Primary
EnglishSpellbound: Block 49-52, Ex.1-5Reading Zone: Read ‘Circe the Sorceress’ pages 57-59Pick eight of the new red words, use your dictionary to find its meaning, put the word into a sentence. Reading Zone page 60 A-C, page 61 D-GRead Theory: five reading texts Treasury page 43 B&CPick three scenes from the story and create a comic strip Write eight sentences to summarise the story   Answers will be emailed on Friday
Gaeilge*A powerpoint for all Gaeilge (an Scéal ‘Timpiste Bhóthair’ An aimsir, an briathar Tá) for this week has been sent to your student email with an audio explanation/translation   Bun go Barr. Léigh an Scéal ‘Timpiste Bhóthair’ lth. 54&55 (audio and translation on Powerpoint)Teanga Nua: ‘An Aimsir’ agus An Briathar: Tá (powerpoint emailed) Scríobh an teanga nua ‘An Aimsir’ agus An Briathar: ‘Tá’ i do chóipleabhar gaeilge (write the weather vocabulary/sentences and ‘Tá’ from the Powerpoint in your Irish hardback) Scríobh na habairtí seo i gceart ‘An Briathar: Tá’ (written activity on powerpoint and emailed)Cluiche:   Bun go Barr lth 56 Ceisteanna B 1-10Bun go Barr lth 56 C (write the correct verb to complete sentence) D (Write sentences from C in the aimsir láithreach (present tense)-Look back in your Irish hardback for help)Revise Aimsir Chaite, Aimsir Láithreach agus Aimsir Fháistineach (Irish hardback) Bun go Barr lth 58. J (Léigh an scéal), K scríobh an scéal san aimsir láithreach (write the story in the present tense), L scríobh an scéal san aimsir fháistineach (write the story in the future tense)   Léigh an scéal agus freagair na ceisteanna ‘Réamhaisnéis na hAimsire’ (email)Léigh an scéal agus freagair na ceisteanna ‘An Cluiche Sacair’ (email)Ar an (on the), ag an (at the), as an (out of), faoin (under)-(Powerpoint)Written activity:  Scríobh I gceart agus líon na bearnaí (Powerpoint and emailed)   Answers will be emailed on Friday
MathsTopic: Fractions Video ‘Fractions’ (email)Busy at Maths: page 55 Q1-4 Figure It Out Page 27 Part A (Top of page) Ques. 1-24 (email)Khan Academy videos/activities related to division of fractions assigned Fractions Games:   Topic: Ratios Video: Ratios (email)Busy at Maths: Page 56 Q1-7 Busy at Maths Page 57 Q. 2-9Figure It Out Page 27 Part B Q1-27 (email)Figure It Out Page 29 Q 3-9 (email)Khan Academy videos/activities related to ratios assigned Ratio Game:   Answers for fractions will be emailed on Wednesday, answers for ratios will be emailed on Friday
HistorySmall World: Unit 6 Nationalism and Unionism Read Page 34 &35 Page 37 Ques A&B Further Information: Answers will be emailed on Friday  
GeographyGeography/Science Small World Unit 6: The Irish Coast page 31& 32 Activities page 33 Q1-3  
ScienceGeography/Science Small World Unit 6: The Irish Coast page 31& 32 Activities page 33 Q1-3  
Music has free access for parents during the JANUARY Covid-19 Closure –Please select 6th Class, January, Lesson 15 Rhythm with Igor  
ArtLooking and responding: Van Gogh (Starry Night) Be creative, using Van Gogh’s Starry Night as inspiration and create your own masterpiece!Construct a card wishing a friend/ family member a Happy New Year.  
PEJoe Wicks is running his 30 minute PE lessons live at 9am every morning, this would be a great way to start your day with all of your family
SPHEBegin the year with some goal setting! Write five goals you have for 2021 Write two things you achieved last yearWrite three wishes for the world
Drama/Oral Language Lots of Drama/Oral Language activities on with lots of ideas for charades, language games (would you rather challenge cards, name it challenge cards. Continue your debating skills with debate language word cards!