We would like to begin ONLINE chess leagues in school for the senior classes.

For this to operate effectively, we can use a very safe and user-friendly website known as Lichess.org.

Please watch the following guide for parents and teachers (provided by ‘Moves for Life’ the organisation that promotes chess in schools).  It relates to sign-up to the site and other very important information:

https://youtu.be/mlZcRMDdyCQ   Watch until 1min and 50 seconds (after that the video is irrelevant).



We will be able to set the accounts up in school but only with your permission.

We/you can use your son’s existing login details for other sites used in the school. Once they are signed up, we will set his user- experience to ‘child mode’. Your son will only be playing with pupils from our school.

We recommend that if your son plays at home that there is vigilance and supervision at all times. Even though child mode is set up, please be aware that with the password, a child may switch out of this (which we do not recommend).

Permission slip 4th Class

Permission slip 5th Class   

Permission slip 6th Class